Bidar Timur Group at a glance

Established and started recruiting for the world at 1989. The current owner took over  Bidar Timur Group a decade later, in the peak moments of Indonesia monetary crisis. Fueled by such condition and responsive service delivered for the applicants and the clients, Bidar Timur Group grew rapidly and metamorphosed into one of foremost employment agency of the country. Till then, after getting long experience in recruiting and supplying informal domestic worker,  Bidar Timur Group recruiting Indonesian professional, skilled worker for overseas employment.

In line with our motto ‘recruiting for the world’ we recruit and supply Indonesian manpower to any part of the earth, whenever it provides adequate standard of living and can be counted on improving the life quality of our workers and their families.

Besides possessing our own building where our 30 staffs activates daily, we also have our own medical lab clinic located in the right wing our main office.

It makes all the recruitment processing, prior to mobilization of employee, can be done fast and efficiently. Thus, we can keep up with our motto; recruiting for the world. A kind of deed aimed to create a better world and merely be done by those who have experience and high motivation. Two conditions Bidar Timur Group has.